Journey to Freedom

The Journey

Our Journey to Freedom program is designed to provide practical and emotional support and guidance that refugees need to work through their issues and develop solutions for overcoming these difficulties in their lives. By far, the most overwhelming obstacles to overcome are culture shock and language barrier.

Our program first assists participants in locating resources to meet their basic needs. It is impossible to work on emotional difficulties until one has the physical basics. Volunteers and staff assist clients with ESL instruction, locating household items, and finding housing, employment and educational opportunities – ultimately freedom from poverty. When an individual can become financially stable enough to not worry about things like where their next meal is coming from, he/she can transcend survival mode. Once this homeostasis is achieved, one can begin to learn to cope with residual anger, trauma, and mental health issues.

This program is aimed at adults and older teens to help them gain independence in the face of language and culture barriers. Empowering refugees to get their driver’s licenses increases access to valuable resources for themselves and their larger-than-average families.

In addition to job placement, we teach the importance of workplace values that Americans take for granted (i.e. punctuality, deadlines, regular attendance) to ensure job retention and success in the workplace. Coming from a rural, slow-paced culture and spending upwards of twenty years in refugee camps, fast-paced American life, understandably, does not come naturally.

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